Godot Pixel Painter

This is a small pixel-art painter addon for use with the Godot engine. This actually makes it pretty powerful even though its just a sprite editor, e.g. you can work with Godots powerful cutout pipeline to edit bone-based animations directly, something you can’t even do with Spine.

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Requires latest version of godot. Copy addons folder and all its contents to your project, restart Godot, then activate plugin from editor settings.

Features & Usage

To use, simply select a sprite from editor and you’re good to go.

  • Paint colors from active palette with hotkeys 0-9
  • Press ‘P’ to get palette from selected sprite
  • To use different palettes, create sprites accordingly and press P on them, palettes are transferable to other sprites.
  • Undo/Redo support
  • Resize sprites with alignment options with Sprite > Resize.. menu
  • Differnt brush sizes
  • “Save As..”” and “Load” sprites with menu
  • Ctrl+S on sprite to save it
  • Painting supports working on rotated/scaled/offset sprites

Sources for this software can be downloaded here.


MIT © Chris G. Willcocks