Ruinstorm is a long-term hobby that i’ve been developing on-and-off with Sven over the years. The game has changed massively in scope since its initial concept, but I love chipping away at it every now and then. Will probably still be working on it when i’m an old man…

Quick Summary:

A physics-based ARPG platformer where you can chop up everything. Want that piece of armour? Cut it off the dudes body and pick it up. Need to escape the arena? Pile up the bodies and you can climb over them to get out.

The protagonist encounters increasingly unlikely magical creatures as he ventures onwards looking for answers to his demise. Ruinstorm is the name of the dark and feared land east of the old kingdom.

Responsive retro-style platforming, combined with physically based animation, modular gear, and deterministic AI. Also features an original dark and gritty chiptune score composed with MilkyTracker.

Dev Videos

Early version chopping stuff up
AI pathfinding