Starship Forces

Starship forces was a 3D game I developed in Unity3D.

The game had a number of interesting features including a multiplayer lobby (staging area), my implementation of the Transvoxel Algorithm which was used to render large planets at multiple levels of detail. This was integrated to the Unity3D scene hierarchy and the processing was multi-threaded.

Starship forces used many custom shaders, including triplanar texutre mapping and procedural noise. It also used a custom imposter system I developed called ABI, which could render thousands of objects (e.g. trees and ground units) in Unity3D efficiently. I went on to sell ABI.

The main problem with starship forces was that I spent too long on unique tech and suffered quick burnout. The game itself was too dependent on 3rd party assets and didn’t have any particular core “fun” mechanic. I entered Ludum Dare which shifted my focus to completing smaller more managable projects.