Please view my articles section for information on games i’ve developed. Here are a short list of resources/links targeting undergraduates new indie developers:


These are just some general opinions that i’ve picked up over the years. They will probably become outdated quickly.

  1. Make games not engines!
    • If you want to make engines, make games!
  2. Start with Godot or Unity3D
    • You will learn a lot more about gamedev than you can ever be taught in a module or read online by actually following tutorials & making games with these first.
    • I recommend Godot as its open source under the MIT license and personally, having made 2D and 3D games with both, think it is much better designed.
    • Also, if you want to work in the industry, make a demo with Unreal Engine.
  3. Don’t worry about what language you use.
    • “Oh its not in C++”, “Oh its not in Python”
    • Spend 2 days learning whatever it is the game engine or tool you want uses and respect its decisions and force yourself to love its syntax.
    • Either decide that all languages are great and worth learning, or decide that all languages suck and you’ve got no choice. Just don’t decide that language X is your true love.
  4. Make your games with cubes or squares first.
    • Get the core mechanic and game states working with squares or cubes.
    • For new game ideas, set your scope minimal so that you can finish programming core mechanic and states within 2-days.

Art & Music

Below are some tools that I find useful.

  • Blender
    • Steep learning curve but worth it for 3D games.
  • Aseprite
    • I prefer it to Pyxel Edit for pixel art despite a slightly steeper learning curve.
  • Godot Pixel Painter
    • My software - I prefer it to Spine for pixel art as it removes the need for two tools (painting and animation) from the game engine editor. It may need a minor update with recent versions.
  • Milkytracker
    • Easy to get retro sound effects, otherwise take a microphone out into the park.
  • Arch Linux
    • Not related but obligatory mention.