Deep Learning

  • Talk at Durhack: Deep Learning: A Programmer’s Guide for Classification, Regression, and Clustering of Big Labelled Datasets (slides)


Note: I like to keeps the slides fairly minimal and ramble during the lectures. If you have missed a lecture and would like a personal copy of the slides with own notes, please contact me by email.

  • Lecture 1: Introduction, history, today, and terminology (slides).
  • Lecture 2: Applied cryptography (slides).

Practicals: Please contact me for permission in using this material in other courses.

  • Practical 1: Hacking and securing a simple web server (pdf, material)


  1. How to write a good literature review quickly - postgraduate seminar.
  2. Active implicits: segmentation of complex & noisy images - DBIL seminar.
  3. GPU-based technology for fast segmentation in 3D imaging data - DBIL seminar.
  4. Automated discovery: classification from semi-structured data sources - industry talk.
  5. High-level GPGPU programming with OpenCL and CUDA, applied to real-time photorealistic rendering and deformation - invited seminar (included live-coding session).
  6. Describing and segmenting images with implicit shape functions - research day (won 2nd place prize for best talk).
  7. Feature-varying skeletonization - presentation at computer graphics international.
  8. Hierarchical unbounded signed-distance fields - seminar at Newcastle University.
  9. Sparse volumetric deformation: real-time deformation and rendering of massive amounts of volumetric data on current hardware - postgraduate seminar on PhD topic.


  1. Presented research to:
    • DSTL
    • P&G
    • Unilever
  2. Pitched our company Intogral Limited to various businesses.
  3. Won 2nd place for best presentation at research day (October 2015)
  4. Ongoing collaboration and mentorship with PhD students in Deep Learning and Image Processing.
  5. Regularly delivering postgraduate seminars, DBIL group seminars, and invited seminars.
  6. Taught Unity3D and collaborated with PhD students entering international game competitions.
  7. Presented at international conferences.
  8. Consulted with and provided mentorship briefly with Geospatial Research Ltd.
  9. Demonstrator of software applications, year 2 students
  10. Taught piano to students.
  11. Taught introductory programming one-to-one to students.